Kipling Etis Handbag, Urban Palm Fc


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KIPLING HANDBAGS: Fashionable, stylish, with multiple pockets, Kipling handbags fun and easy to keep organized. In multiple styles and colors, Kipling handbags have the fashionable style of a purse, with the ease and hands-free fit of a shoulder bag.
KIPLING BAGS: From duffle bags to rolling luggage, handbags to crossbody bags, laptop bags to totes, the style and function of Kipling Backpacks can be part of your day wherever it takes you. Mix and match colors, or buy matching bags for a complete set.
MAKE YOUR KIPLING YOUR OWN: From the color to the design, to the Kipling monkey keychain, Kipling backpacks and handbags reflect your style. Whether you need luggage to travel the world or a backpack for a new school year, Kipling bags reflect your style.
KIPLING BACKPACKS & BAGS: At Kipling, it’s more important to have personal style than perfect style. That’s why our bags, made from crinkled nylon, come in fun colors for kids, teens & adults, & our furry monkey keychain hangs playfully from zippers.


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